What does Cirridescence Studios do?

We at Cirridescence Studios feel that jewelry should be both functional and inspirational. We discovered that trying to find jewelry that coincided with our sense of wonder and standards of craftsmanship was impossible, so we started making it instead. Each piece is designed and created right here in the Cirridescence studio. We hope you can find a little bit of inspiration in our Products, Portfolio, or at our Techniques page.

What is this "Techniques" page?

A variety of hammers and daps.

A variety of hammers and daps.

We think of our fans, customers, and followers as our community, and we want to give back. In our Techniques  section, you will find easy-to-follow instructions on basic metalsmithing techniques. We feel that everyone has a fundamental need to create, and if metalsmithing has you inspired, then this is the place to start. This section will be updated regularly, so check back often.

Got specific questions? Maybe we can answer them!

Who we are and what we believe.

We are creatives. We strive to bring new and exciting things into the world. With over two decades of fine art training between us, we of the Cirridescence team offer a unique insight into what jewelry can become.


Marc Arthur

Co-Founder, Artist and Homebrewer

email: marc@Cirridescence.com

I became fascinated with jewelry and metalsmithing at a young age, a fascination that my high school art teacher went above and beyond to help cultivate. I went on to receive a BFA in Metal Arts at the University of Iowa. I started my adventure as an independent artist in the heart of Texas with $200 worth of silver in the trunk of my scooter.

Alistar Taliesin

Co-founder, Artist and Cycling Enthusiast

email: Alistar@Cirridescence.com

Making art is about living authentically and striving for inspiration. With over a decade of metalsmithing experience and an MFA in the subject, I am still in awe of the craft. I lend my diligence to design and execution to each and every creation here at Cirridescence Studios.