Here at Cirridescence Studios, we draw from the experience of a rather diverse set of individuals with an equally diverse set of formal and informal training. We all have the same passion, however: metalsmithing.

We have spent nights too long to remember in studios and days bunkered down in seldom-frequented corners of libraries in pursuit of this obsession. We have devoted years of our lives and much of our sanity to this fixation. We would not be deterred. And we came out the other side realizing that there are vast amounts of knowledge still before us to discover, and found that we have come a very long way.

Therefore, we have decided it is time to give back and to pass on some of the knowledge that we have unearthed. Our goal is to better equip the eager, the curious, and the inspired with the basic skills and techniques necessary to begin their journey exploring this ancient craft. It is our hope that you find these instructions useful and are encouraged to pursue your passions in life, wherever they might take you.

techniques coming soon...